Our Commitment To Patient Privacy

We take your privacy and security of your protected health information - very seriously.

And we’re not just saying that in a lackadaisical “we-are-better-than-everyone-else” way. We mean it. Your information is stored behind actual firewalls and offline servers. We employ CDNs and strict WAF rules. We’re probably one of the few websites that have a 4096-bit encryption certificate. And each sub-domain is run through a TLS 1.3  tunnel. 

HIPAA-compliance means a lot to us. And that’s why we have redundant safety protocols in place. Not just papers strewn around the office. We live in a digital world so – while I think analog is one of the best security firewalls – we need to keep up with the ever-evolving exploits. It’s up to us to constantly update our sites and make sure legitimate patients are still able to access it while keeping the bots and hackers away. 

After all, it’s a promise to our patients; their data is secure and it’s an invitation to the other practices to step it up for our patients. Collaboration, not competition, is the way to go. We’ll all sleep better at night. 

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