Gambling Addiction



Gambling Addiction is not what it used to be.


Now an industry worth billions of dollars, gambling is one area that has attracted millions and there seem to be no end to this phenomenon. Gambling is one thing and addiction is another thing on its own. A combustible problem comes up when both combine to form gambling addiction. Gambling addiction affects different people from different backgrounds. It affects all genders, religion and even age – it is all encompassing. The interesting thing with gambling is that it usually starts as a pleasurable activity but with time, it can turn out to become really dangerous ‘hobby’. To compound the matter, it can come in different forms. It can be the slot games in a casino or even the usual sporting card games or the classic poker.

Furthermore, today, gambling has taken another form as it is now online and with just a click, one can get enjoy practically any type of gambling. There are countless mobile apps that ensure that you can even carry the gambling in your pocket.


Multifaceted Issues of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a real problem – one that has many destructive effects. Gambling addiction can have devastating effects on your family and even lead to divorce in some cases. But that is not even all, the same addiction can dismantle your work life, this has ruined many lives and turned formerly respected professionals or business owners into bankrupt vagabonds.

Gambling addiction has led to financial ruin for so many and the interesting thing here is that income level does not determine if someone will take to gambling or not. There are poor people as well as very wealthy people who are also into gambling. Some have turned to crime after exhausting all they managed to accumulate because they spent it gambling. Thus, they have to start stealing or even engaging in prostitution in some extreme cases just to get some cash to go gambling. In many ways, it is just like being addicted to drugs which also leads to similar patterns of behavior.


Also known as gambling disorder, pathological gambling or compulsive gambling, gambling addiction is described in medical circles as an impulse-control disorder. For those who are suffering from this condition, they cannot stop themselves from that desire to gamble. This is true even if they are fully aware of the bad effects the practice is having on them.

In fact, not only on them alone but also on the people around them like their family members, spouses, siblings, children and their friends. Addicts to gambling will always ensure they get the gambling done irrespective of whether they have full pockets or whether they do not have a dime. As a result of this, not a few addicts end up resorting to questionable things so as to get money to use for the gambling. It must be pointed out at this stage that gambling itself and on its own is not a problem. However, it becomes a major problem when it starts affecting the other aspect of the person’s life.


Solutions to Gambling Addiction

For those who are addicted to gambling, it can seem like a totally hopeless case. This is because many addicts have actually made attempts over and over to stop and become better people, but they keep failing. As stated above, gambling has some really negative effects but with the right techniques, you can drop the habit. There are many reasons for addicts of gambling to stop the habit. One, they will be able to stop the downward spiral of their relationship, the endless bleeding of their finances and ultimately, they will once again be in charge of their lives.

For the gambling addicts, there is a way out. The thing with addiction is not even stopping it but maintaining the ability to remain in the recovery stage. What this means is the psychological determination on the part of the addict to never have anything to do with gambling again. This may not be easy especially considering the fact that the Internet has now made it very easy to gamble. But in other not to fall prey again, it is vital that the person who is addicted surrounds himself or herself with loved ones who will always ensure you do not get close to the trigger factors again.


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