Addiction and Substance Abuse


And Substance Abuse


Substance Abuse and Addiction

Did you know that an addiction can be an attachment to anything that significantly affects your life? Alcohol addiction, substance addiction, food, video games and TV, shopping…you name, you can be addicted to it. The problem is that so many of these modern addictions can be hard to notice because they’re not the stereotypical version of addiction: a yellow-toothed 40-a-day smoker, a person who spends most of their money on alcohol or a nervous, jumpy druggie.


These non-traditional addictions are just as dangerous as the more noticeable ones, so it’s all the more important to know the signs of addiction. That’s why these days we tend to break addiction down into two groups: substance and activity. A substance is anything you ingest, and an activity can be anything you do.


How Do You Know If You’re Addicted?


Is there something you continually do even though it causes you a lot monetary, physical, emotional or other forms of harm? Does it still, or did it, bring you pleasure or value? If you try to not consume or do this thing for even a few days, do you start to feel worried, upset or physically unwell?


Then you may have an addiction. Substance addictions such as drinking, smoking, vaping and drugs can be treated at drug rehab clinics,with medication, through a wide range of therapies or a mix of all three to help you recognise the feelings and negative impacts it is having on your life. Sadly, there are few to no rehab clinics for activity abuse, but therapy is absolutely a must in these cases. There’s usually an underlying cause which should be treated through therapists or medication.


You may think the substance or activity helps you destress; a few beers a day, a shopping trip, a cigarette after dinner, or something to make a party even greater, but the cold reality is that addiction has a price.


Sporadic shopping trips can become daily and a financial expense you can’t afford. You can build alcohol, cigarette and drug resistance, so eventually you’ll need to have more and more to get you to relax or distract you; the physical side effects will build up in your body with potentially fatal side effects. TV or video game addictions will take up more and more of your time until you feel constantly worried and stressed because you somehow have less time for things or you’re missing ‘something important’.


Why and How Can I Get Help?


If any of these symptoms apply to you, you are not alone. Addiction is more common than diabetes, affecting around ten percent of the population. There are plenty of ways to help you overcome your addiction and learn to live a happier, more fulfilling life without the strain your addiction is unknowingly putting on you and your friends and family.


At Broadway Medical Center we can help you transition away from your addiction, get you through withdrawal and help you break the cycle for good.




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